An original, page-turning Fantasy epic.
Imaginative and intriguing storytelling.
A dance of colors and masks.
An inspiring journey into one’s self identity
A feast for the eyes and for the heart.


The Red Harlequin is an ambitious YA/MG, publishing-based transmedia concept being developed across music, film, gaming and licensing, with the ultimate goal of creating a globally recognized YA brand. In his highly original novels, author Roberto Ricci has created a visually stunning fantasy world divided among Chrome Nations, where everyone lives hidden behind Masks. Asheva, a brave teen from the Black Nation, is forced to flee from his homeland embarking on an adventure that ultimately brings truth, harmony and peace to himself – and all Chromes.


“Our world is different from yours. What matters most to us, is our Chrome.
We are born with it. It is something we’d never change, even if we could.
If a Chrome is Blue, they will always be Blue. Or Red. Or Green.
Or Yellow, Violet and Orange. Or… in my case, Black.”

Roberto Ricci, Writer


“No one really knows how Harlequins came to be. The Collective Laws do not
mention them. Nor are they described in the Sacred Books. And yet they exist.
Some say they were the result of cross breeding between different colors of Chromes.
Others say they were sent by the Gods to remind us how fortunate
we Chromes really are. All I know is that Harlequins can simulate any of our colors.
They can talk like us; act like us and sometimes even fight like us.

But they are not like us.”

Roberto Ricci, Writer

Who is Roberto Ricci?

books_sitebooks_sitehe creator of The Red Harlequin is Roberto Ricci, a fiction novel, short story and screenplay writer.  He was inspired to write The Red Harlequin as a way to get YA readers interested in current world events, which are causing upheaval on a global scale. Political lies, corruption and greed have reached a critical mass that has galvanized many courageous young people to stand up and mass demonstrate for freedom and human rights. But how does one personalize such large scale events, like Occupy Wall St, Indignados or the Arab Spring, to make them relatable to young minds?
Says Ricci:  “I needed a way to add my voice and express my indignation for unfair systems that are highly corrupt and deeply unjust. Only by truly understanding of each other, can we create a better world.”
During his long and varied career Roberto has worked as a journalist, been an officer in the Italian Army and a Senior Executive at Rainbow, a leading children’s entertainment company. A true citizen of the world, he also attended NYU and the European Business School. He has lived in Tokyo, New York, Rome, Milan, Paris, and London. 
Even more important, Mr. Ricci has children of his own, so he continually gets to re-experience the world in fresh perspective, through their eyes.


The Red Harlequin is being developed as a long-term YA brand across
a range of platforms ideally suited to the dramatically vivid world,
and intriguing characters, brought to life in Ricci’s fantasy book series.
The platforms currently in development are specifically oriented towards the core YA audience:



A Hip Hop album, demo and music video, based on the themes of the books, are in in production. The first song Behind the Mask is ready and will be released via social media platforms simultaneously with book releases.



Video games and RPGs are a natural segue for the complex, imaginary and action-packed world of Chromes and its multi-layered, aspirational cast of characters.



The Red Harlequin sits perfectly among the hottest genre today and has all the ingredients to become the next blockbuster.



Broad transmedia presence, supported by extensive Web Narrative, provide an ideal multi-platform launching pad for licensing.

Our Team

The Red Harlequin is being developed
by an experienced team of executives and creative talent:

Lisa Hryniewicz


Business Development

Founder of Koko Media, Lisa is an international television executive with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business. She has first-hand experience at creating and developing kids TV businesses, and extensive knowledge of international sales, licensing, marketing and distribution. Lisa is a minority partner of The Red Harlequin and a major fan. For all sales and marketing enquiries, contact

Pascal Demure


Creative Director

Pascal is an art director with 28 years of experience in the advertising industry, working with a prestigious client base including Publicis and Mediatoon among others. A graduate from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Industries Graphique Estienne, his passion has always been 3D illustration. Pascal is the creator of all images and visual material for The Red Harlequin, including the website, character illustrations, book covers and marketing material (web site).

Maurizio D’Aniello


Songwriter and Producer

Maurizio is one of the most eclectic talents in the Italian musical scene today. As a producer he has worked with MTV Ultrasounds, amongst others, and as a songwriter, has been under contract with Sony Music Publishing for many years. As a musician, he has played keyboards and synths on the L’Eterno Movimento Tour of Anna Oxa, an Italian pop Icon.

Luca Dimoon



An eclectic artist with refined sonorities, Luca grew up (personally and artistically) between London and Milan. He has worked with numerous private labels and performed live around the world. Over h the years Luca has accumulateda substantial following that remains loyal to his many musical escapades.

Elisa Rosselli


Vocalist and Songwriter

Elisa is best known for her songs for the smash-hit animated series Winx-Club, with tens of thousands of records sold across the globe. Daughter of a well-known pianist and jazz percussionist, Elisa’s songs have also been used for Dolce & Gabbana TV Campaigns, amongst others and she has collaborated with MTV Italy.


The Red Harlequin is an existing publishing property with two books completed and a third due this year. The initial story, following Asheva’s figurative and literal journey, through his fall from the Black Nation to his Rise as the Red Harlequin, takes place over the first four books, each dealing with the stages of his self-discovery: Fear, Wrath, Love and Harmony. A further six books will tell the back stories and histories of key characters and Chrome Nations.
The first book, Of Masks and Chromes, was launched this year on WATTPAD, shooting to No. 11 in its Adventure/Fantasy division in two weeks and racking up over 100,000 reads at last count. (WATTPAD is a digital reading platform with 35 million unique monthly users).
ADA_Editions_logo – Global French rights acquired by Editions Ada, launching in Canada Spring 2015
Prava_logo – Rights for Eastern Europe, Baltics and Greece represented by Prava i Prevodi


The Red Harlequin Book 1

word_fear– Of Masks And Chromes

“Before you can break out of prison, you must first realize you’re locked up.”

In an ancient world divided by colors, where everyone wears masks, superstitions abound, and mysterious creatures called the Harlequins exist…
Here, a clever teen of the Black Chromes named Asheva loses everything he’s ever known and embarks on a treacherous and exciting journey that takes him through the wild forests of the Black Nation to the vast plains of Ayas, a Blue Chrome city of astounding beauty, where further danger lies.
But the journey will also result in an astonishing truth, when Asheva ultimately discovers that beneath the masks all Chromes wear, nothing is what it seems.



The Red Harlequin Book 2

word_fear– Kingdom Of Deceit

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path — and leave a trail.”

In Book Two, Kingdom of Deceit, Asheva has barely escaped Ayas with his life. Now he must learn to survive on his own and put aside his age-old Black Nation hatred for enemy Red Chromes. As he makes his way to the Red city of Samaris, his convictions about the Red clash with the reality of a land divided in castes. There, the Janis, members of the lowest caste, are left to live in abominable conditions. But turmoil is building, both inside the walls of Samaris and outside where a violent attack takes the Reds by surprise… and nothing in all of the Territories will ever be the same again.



The Red Harlequin Book 3

word_fear– Rise Of The Harlequin

“Love Overcomes All”

In Book Three, violence sweeps the Territories as the Black Nation continues to bite at Asheva’s heels, along with Cestia, the fallen Red Princess of Samaris. Still, Cestia rises above her own personal tragedy to uncover the truth about the Chromes, the Harlequins and Asheva. Together, Cestia and Asheva vow to fight the darkness that has taken hold of their world. Although it is where the light shines bright that the shadows are darker.



The Red Harlequin Book 4

word_fear– A New Dawn

“Never give up – eventually even rivers can wash dams away.”

In Book 4, Asheva’s war with tyranny finally has a name: Nomius, the new treacherous leader of the Blacks. Asheva must use all his skills in order to achieve the impossible.



The Red Harlequin Book 5

– The Seer

“It is only when a transformation is finished that you can look back and see when it started.”

In the last leg of Asheva’s journey, new stories and secrets will be revealed. Secrets that will shake the very foundation of the Territories. Secrets that have to do with a young Prince, a Monarch and a Seer…


The Red Harlequin Graphic Novels

The Red Harlequin is also being adapted into a series of graphic novels,
with the first volume available in spring 2018.



The seven territories of the Chrome Nations:

Black: The Black Nation

Blue: The Blue Plains

Blue: The Blue Plains

Red: The Red Kingdom

Violet: Plateau Viola

Yellow and Orange: The Mountain Territories

The Black Chromes

The Black Chromes live in the city of Axyum and are warriors who
are convinced they are superior to all other Chromes. Fearful of
their Gods, they believe that worldly conduct is an offense to them
so they lead rigid, puritanical lives. According to legend, the Black
Nation was created by the Shepherd God, who gifted the first Eldest
with the Eastern Forests. These Forests remain a sacred place for
the Blacks where they conduct important rites.
Their historical enemies are the Red whom they see as the only
other Territory that can compete for the supremacy of the lands.
Black Virtue: Fortitude
Black Sin: Wrath
Black Talisman: Onyx

The Blue Chromes

The Blue Chromes are the most astute and successful merchants
of all the Territories. The Chromes’ most important fairs are held
in the Blue city of Ayas, the biggest city of all the Territories. Such
events have made the Blue the wealthiest Chromes of all. Such is
their obsession for wealth that it is said that they leave their
wars to be fought by other Chromes, for they only have time for
their trade.
Blue Virtue: Diligence
Blue Sin: Excess
Blue Talisman: Sapphire

The Green Chromes

Green Chromes are nomadic, having lost their own Territory eons
ago or at least that is what other Chromes say. They worship the
Mother Goddess, mother of all creatures in nature, and are very
cavalier about the way they’ve chosen to live. They are viewed as
a poor sort of vagabond Nation and looked down upon by the
other Chromes, but they believe themselves to be the luckiest
Nation because they believe they have achieved harmony with all
that surrounds them and can survive quite nicely off the bounty
Mother Nature provides. Their most important rite is the Moksia,
or the ability to camouflage with their surrounding so as to become
one with the Mother Goddess. Other abilities include their
storytelling, making music and performing.
Green Virtue: Charity
Green Sin: Sloth
Green Talisman: Sunflower

The Red Chromes

Red Chromes are the Athenians of the Territories, intellectual and
slightly haughty. They are divided into three castes: the Noble Ashis;
the Sayis, who are tradesmen and soldiers; and the Janis, who are
the untouchable. Only the Ashis and Sayis are allowed to live in the
Red City of Samaris. The Janis on the other hand live in slums
beyond the city’s protective walls. According to legend, the twin
Gods, Adio of the Sea and Adia of the Land, created the Reds.
The Red Chromes control a lucrative salt trade, thanks of their
close proximity to the sea.
Red Virtue: Knowledge
Red Sin: Pride
Red Talisman: Ruby

The Violet Chromes

The Violets are obsessed with beauty in all its forms. They are
known for their esoteric perfumes and serums which they extract
from the flowers in their land and which they trade with the other
Chromes. They are travellers as they go through the Territories with
their houses on wheels so they can both travel and take their
comforts with them.
They live in the Violet city of Papylia, known for the massive
gathering of giant butterflies. They are a great source of news and
gossip, as well.
Violet Virtue: Kindness
Violet Sin: Narcissism
Violet Talisman: Lavender

The Yellow and Orange Chromes

Both these Mountain Nations live in adjacent territories where they
do everything jointly (alliances, trade, etc.) They boast two twin cities
and are politically malleable. Their only hard and fast rule is to ally
themselves with the dominant Nation and then use their position
to try and take advantage of any unstable Nations. Besides extracting
the gold from their mountains, they are also able farmers and cattle
raisers, and mainly trade their meats with the Reds and the Blues.
There is however one important peculiarity which distinguishes them
from the other Chrome Nations…and it is revealed in Book 3.
Yellow Virtue: Humility
Yellow Sin: Greed
Yellow Talisman: Gold
Orange Virtue: Patience
Orange Sin: Envy
Orange Talisman: Orange Feather

The Harlequin in the press

The Bookseller Daily

The VIP treatment
Ivanka Hahnenberger’s agency specialises in bringing bandes dessinées (graphie novels)
from France and other European countries into the English-speaking world.
She tells Tom Tivnan about a burgeoning Anglophone market and the art of translating comics.

The Red Harlequin gets funding for TV series development
Executive producer Rick Porras will oversee both the creative aspects of the TV production
as well as its long-term 360 strategy. Finnish media fund IPR.VC has announced that it is funding
the development of a TV series based on Roberto Ricci’s YA Fantasy book series, The Red Harlequin.


Finnish Fund Backs Red Harlequin Adaptation
Finnish media fund IPR.VC is financing the development of a television adaptation
of Roberto Ricci’s young adult fantasy series The Red Harlequin.


Finnish VC backs Red Harlequin show
Finnish investment firm IPR.VC is to fund the development of a TV series based on
Italian author Roberto Ricci’s dystopian fantasy book series The Red Harlequin.


The Red Harlequin
The Red Harlequin ist eine Drama aus dem Jahr 2021.

The Red Harlequin basiert auf der gleichnamigen Fantasybuchreihe von
Roberto Ricci und spielt in einer alternativen Welt, in der sich jeder hinter
einer Maske versteckt. (LE)


The Red Harlequin la saga fantasy Young Adult
dall’anima italiana diventa una serie tv
Le maschere della Commedia dell’Arte hanno ispirato The Red Harlequin
dell’italiano Roberto Ricci una saga fantasy Young Adult pronta a diventare una serie tv


Finnish Media Fund IPR Bets on
“The Red Harlequin’s” Development
Set up at Pantomimus, project based on Italian Roberto Ricci’s YA fantasy books saga

Finland’s leading media fund IPR is financing the development of TV series project
“The Red Harlequin,” based on Italian writer Roberto Ricci’s young adult fantasy books saga.

The Bookseller

How author Roberto Ricci turned a Wattpad hit
into a cross-platform empire
A couple of weeks ago, news broke that media conglomerate Ryan Carassi
Omnimedia Europe (RCO EUROPE)
– an omnimedia enterprise dedicated to theatrical,
digital and broadcast distribution, home entertainment, and music publishing activities
worldwide- had taken on the broadcast rights to The Red Harlequin.

Publishing Perspectives

Finnish Digital Media Fund IPR.VC Backs Development
of YA Book Series for Television
The allegorical fantasy writings of Italian author Roberto Ricci are coming first to television,
with licensed media and products to follow. UK agent Lisa Hryniewicz is handling the rights.

Press Release

Target Music Acquires Music Rights to The Red Harlequin
Maverick Fantasy Fiction Hip Hop to Launch Debuts in Italy

London and Milan, 9th September 2014
Music rights to The Red Harlequin, a book-based, YA transmedia entertainment property developed
by Roberto Ricci, have been acquired by the iconic independent Italian music record label, Target Music.
Target Music will promote and market the first album in the Italian market, starting with the debut
of the first song “Behind the Mask” in October 2014.

Press Release

Prava i Prevodi and The Red Harlequin team up
in Multi-Territory deal
Leading Agency to Represent YA Fantasy Book Series

London, United Kingdom, (September 4, 2014) – Leading Literary Agency Prava i Prevodi has been
appointed as sub-agent for Roberto Ricci’s YA fantasy series, The Red Harlequin in 19 countries
comprising Eastern Europe, the Baltics and Greece.

Press Release

The Red Harlequin Closes multi-Territory Publishing Deal
Éditions AdA Acquires Worldwide French-Speaking Rights to YA Fantasy Series

London, United Kingdom, (July 7, 2014) – Canadian publishing group Éditions AdA has acquired
Of Masks and Chromes and The Kingdom of Deceit, the first two novels in Robert Ricci’s YA fantasy series,
The Red Harlequin.

Press Release

The Red Harlequin Launches to top of WATTPAD
London and Milan, (March 13, 2014) – The first book of THE RED HARLEQUIN series by Roberto Ricci,
Of Masks and Chromes, launched on WATTPAD last month rocketing to No. 12
in the Adventure/Fantasy category, racking up over 40,000 “reads” to date.
The successful WATTPAD launch will be followed by the innovative launch of a Hip Hop single
Behind the Mask on digital jukeboxes in Spring 2014, followed by a music video and complete album.

Total Licensing

Koko Media represents two properties in this area
– Deer Little Forest, and The Red Harlequin.
The Red Harlequin, in the Young Adult category, debuted on digital reading platform Wattpad,
and is the brainchild of ex-journalist and kids entertainment executive Robert Ricci.
The Red Harlequin is a book-based transmedia concept, developed across all platforms
including publishing, music, film, and licensing, with publishing as the first key pillar…

Brands Box

The Red Harlequin e Target Music insieme:
La rivoluzione passa anche dalla musica.
Una property si definisce trasmediale quando riesce a raggiungere diverse forme di comunicazione.
Possiamo dire che nella natura intrinseca di The Red Harlequin, serie di libri fantasy scritta
da Roberto Ricci, ci fosse già la trasmedialità come condizione necessaria;
un mondo immaginario che prende spunto da quello reale per portare alla nascita rivoluzioni
e tumulti che stanno caratterizzando il nostro tempo. Tutto questo non poteva esistere solo su carta,
e dunque si è sviluppato su diverse piattaforme, come musica, licensing e film.

Target Music

Target Music acquisisce i Diritti Musicali per The Red Harlequin
I diritti musicali per le edizioni italiane di The Red Harlequin, una property transmediale
creata da Roberto Ricci, sono stati acquisiti dalla storica etichetta discografica milanese Target Music.
Target Music promuoverà il Concept Album ispirato a The Red Harlequin sul mercato italiano.
Il lancio del primo brano e del primo video, Behind The Mask, è previsto per fine ottobre.

Licensing Book & Total Licensing

The Red Harlequin Closes Multi-Territory Deal
Canadian publishing group Éditions AdA has acquired Of Masks and Chromes
and The Kingdom of Deceit, the first two novels in Robert Ricci’s YA fantasy series, The Red Harlequin.

Mylène Archambault, Rights Director at Éditions AdA, acquired all French-speaking rights
in a deal with Lisa Hryniewicz, Head of Rights at Koko Media, literary agent for Ricci.
The rights include the key markets of France, Belgium, Canada, French Speaking Switzerland,
and French Territories.

Brands Box

The RED HARLEQUIN closes multi-territory
publishing deal
Éditions AdA Acquires Worldwide French-Speaking Rights to YA Transmedia-Ready Fantasy Series

London, United Kingdom, (July 7, 2014) – Canadian publishing group Éditions AdA has acquired
Of Masks and Chromes and The Kingdom of Deceit, the first two novels in Robert Ricci’s YA fantasy series,
The Red Harlequin.

Total Licensing

Koko Media is also managing the rights
for young adult title The Red Harlequin.
This is the first book of a series by Roberto Ricci, entitled Of Masks and Chromes,
and is aimed at 12-18 year olds.

The book launched successfully on Wattpad, reaching 12th place in the adventure/fantasy category,
and was backed up by the release of an accompanying hop hop single called Behind the Mask
on digital platforms. Ricci was inspired to write the novel as a way of interesting young adult readers
in current world events.

Éditions AdA signs French-speaking rights
to The Red Harlequin series
Robert Ricci’s Young Adult fantasy series heading to France, Belgium, Canada,
French Speaking Switzerland, and French Territories.

Canadian publishing group Éditions AdA has acquired Of Masks and Chromes
and The Kingdom of Deceit, the first two novels in Robert Ricci’s fantasy series, The Red Harlequin.

The Red Harlequin author, Roberto Ricci,
tells us why the brand is ripe for licensing
Key publishing deals in US, UK and key European markets are first on hit list.

Firstly, can you tell us the history behind The Red Harlequin?

The Red Harlequin is a YA/MG transmedia brand based on a book series,
being developed across a number of platforms with the ultimate goal of creating a film franchise.
It started as a book concept I came up with a few years ago…

Prava i Prevodi brings The Red Harlequin
to Eastern Europe, the Baltics and Greece
“The Red Harlequin is an exciting new addition to our YA fantasy list.”

The oldest literary agency in Eastern Europe, Prava i Prevodi, has been appointed
as sub-agent for Roberto Ricci’s YA fantasy series, The Red Harlequin in 19 countries
comprising Eastern Europe, the Baltics and Greece.

The Red Harlequin author, Roberto Ricci,
tells us why the brand is ripe for licensing
Key publishing deals in US, UK and key European markets are first on hit list.

Firstly, can you tell us the history behind The Red Harlequin?

The Red Harlequin is a YA/MG transmedia brand based on a book series,
being developed across a number of platforms with the ultimate goal of creating a film franchise…

New book series The Red Harlequin
enjoys successful launch
First book in the series launched on Wattpad and release will be backed up by a music album and film.
The first book in The Red Harlequin series, Of Masks and Chromes, launched on WattPad this month,
racking up over 30,000 reads in two weeks.

Global License

Red Harlequin Gets New Agent
Literary agency Prava i Prevodi has been appointed as sub-agent for Roberto Ricci’s young adult
fantasy series, The Red Harlequin, in 19 countries across Eastern Europe, the Baltics and Greece.
The Red Harlequin series features Asheva, a teenager living in a complex world divided among
Chrome Nations, where everyone lives hidden behind a mask.


“That was amazing! I loved it!”
— BetweenTheDimensions, Reader
“I’ve just finished the first book of m&c and i very much liked it.
The idea, your imagination and lessons between the lines are unique
and i cant wait to read the second… go on with this great adventure please.
i wanna read the third, fourth…thank you..”
— pinar22, Reader
“Please make a sequel!!”
— FinalHei, Reader
“This is simply amazing, as I am reading it
I can imagine it. Personally to me…
If I can see it as I am reading it, it’s a good story.”
— tammeli10, Reader
“Awesome! Haven’t yet finished book 1
but I’m definitly going to buy book 2 as well.
I hope you deliver to Germany?!”
— Antworten, Reader
“So damn awesome!”
— Jasmine Barbee, Reader
“I want to thank you for inspiring me to write a story through your own.
This is a very great story that definitely got my imagination running. “
— CloneA, Reader
— Tycomaru, Reader
“Its a very good story. Im very hooked!”
— maxiver044, Reader
“Book 2 NAO!”
— Bootyc, Reader
“I wish I could write some deep, insightful comment on the struggle of humankind
or something. But, since I can’t, I’ll just say that I loved this.”
— Laurelindorinan, Reader
“Love, love, love! update soon! wait………….oooh book 3?”
— both by Myshengalx, Reader
“This is the first time I am posting a comment at Wattpad….
Kudos to the author.”
— Ammjajit, Reader
“I have loved every second of reading this book, thank you so much
for sharing this. The sequel has to be bought.”
— SuPaRed, Reader
— Robert Lobello, Reader
“I am so into this book”
— Jesseunique, Reader
“it was so sad, i nearly cried: (very good written :)”
— sheikhalmoon, Reader
“That was incredible! I can’t wait to read the next one,
is there going to be a third?”
— Chess-the-cat, Reader
“i just finished book 1 in wattpad and it was amazing”
— joshiamillican, Reader
“Hey I really love the Harlequinn! I actually wasn’t really interested in Whattpad
until I read your story. I’ve also seen some youtube Videos from the red
Harlequinn and I really love it. please continue this Adventure.
Greeting from Germany”
— joshiamillican, Reader
“Really enjoying this story so far, I would’ve commented sooner
but I just had to turn to the next chapter“
— scootybethy, Reader
“When is your third book coming out?
I read the first and the second and it said the third was suppose to out in spring,
I can’t seem to find it anywhere.”
— tammeli10, Reader
“Wow. Imaginative and dark. The entire scene gave me chills. Well done.”
— fairyfree
“I love this so much! Update soon!”
— Pinkygirlie, Reader
“Ch. 2 I love the world you have created here and its rituals.
The way they are written and explained makes it seem that you have delved into
a new undiscovered and culture rich society.”
— fairyfree, Reader
“Amazing first chapter.”
— WandererAmidstDreams, Reader
“great story when is the next update!”
— BrianRobinson3, Reader
“I bought both books off Amazon and I am extremely excited for the third book.
Keep up the awesome work!”
— Hedocet, Reader
“That was abso-fucking-lutly amazing video there dude!”
— KataChu, Reader
“Dear Mr.Ricci,

I am really fond of yr fantasy of TRH. It’s really amazingly created world.

I already have read both book1&2 on Wattpad. I want to read book 2 in full.

Paperback buy is not available in my country. So, if u could, plz unleash yr book2
in watt pad. 
Or I could wait til u release on watt pad.
At least, I am still in touch with chromes” 🙂
— DazkielForestt, Reader

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