“Before you can break out of prison, you must first realize you’re locked up.”

In an ancient world divided by colors, where everyone wears masks, superstitions abound, and mysterious creatures called the Harlequins exist…
Here, a clever teen of the Black Chromes named Asheva loses everything he’s ever known and embarks on a treacherous and exciting journey that takes him through the wild forests of the Black Nation to the vast plains of Ayas, a Blue Chrome city of astounding beauty, where further danger lies.
But the journey will also result in an astonishing truth, when Asheva ultimately discovers that beneath the masks all Chromes wear, nothing is what it seems.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path — and leave a trail.”

In Book Two, Kingdom of Deceit, Asheva has barely escaped Ayas with his life. Now he must learn to survive on his own and put aside his age-old Black Nation hatred for enemy Red Chromes. As he makes his way to the Red city of Samaris, his convictions about the Red clash with the reality of a land divided in castes. There, the Janis, members of the lowest caste, are left to live in abominable conditions. But turmoil is building, both inside the walls of Samaris and outside where a violent attack takes the Reds by surprise… and nothing in all of the Territories will ever be the same again.

“Love Overcomes All.”

In Book Three, violence sweeps the Territories as the Black Nation continues to bite at Asheva’s heels, along with Cestia, the fallen Red Princess of Samaris. Still, Cestia rises above her own personal tragedy to uncover the truth about the Chromes, the Harlequins and Asheva. Together, Cestia and Asheva vow to fight the darkness that has taken hold of their world. Although it is where the light shines bright that the shadows are darker.

“Never give up – eventually even rivers can wash dams away.”

In Book 4, Asheva’s war with tyranny finally has a name: Nomius, the new treacherous leader of the Blacks. Asheva must use all his skills in order to achieve the impossible.

“It is only when a transformation is finished that you can look back and see when it started.”

In the last leg of Asheva’s journey, new stories and secrets will be revealed. Secrets that will shake the very foundation of the Territories. Secrets that have to do with a young Prince, a Monarch and a Seer…

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